What about “gaps” in your employment history?

Depending on why there is a gap in your employment history, it will dictate how you are going to handle it. Anything under six months really doesn’t need to be explained, but if you do need to do some explaining: SICK: Well (and I hope you are well now) just simply tell them that, withoutContinue reading “What about “gaps” in your employment history?”

The Road Not Taken

This year I came to the crossroads of career paths and after much thought decided to take the road less traveled. By: Cynda Alexander and Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a career path, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far asContinue reading “The Road Not Taken”

Top 3 Mistakes I See On Resumes

I have seen a lot of resumes and consistently I see the same mistakes. If you decide to go it alone and write your own resume, be careful not to make these mistakes: MISLEADING JOB TITLES: Recently I updated a resume for a client that had very industry-specific position titles that would not apply anywhere else.Continue reading “Top 3 Mistakes I See On Resumes”

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