How to Build a Better Bullet…

…for a Resume!

First, gather your supplies: Lead (pencil), powder (eraser), and a primer (book of action verbs). Second, put on safety goggles (so you are not tempted to stick the pencil in your eye). Third, remember drinking and making bullets DO NOT MIX.

Seriously though, you do want to use a 3-part formula for bullet points of accomplishments for your experience. But first you need to answer these questions to help you flush out your accomplishments:

Who: Who did your job help? Company? Clients? Customers?

What: What were the results of the job? How many? How much? How far? Increases, percentages, publications, products?

When: When did it happen? Was it weekly, yearly? This falls under the what as well as it quantifies what you did?

Where: Where did you accomplish this? Conference with a presentation? Area covered?

Why: Why was this accomplishment meaningful to your company, clients, or area covered? This is another area of quantifying your responsibility.

You won’t be able to fill in the answer to every question before you get down to firing those bullets, but now you have all the material you need to use a simple formula to shape up your bullets for the most impact.

Accomplished X  +  Measured by Y  +  Doing Z  = Bullet Point

Without the formula:

  • Provided written generative feedback at line editing level for a variety of genre and subject of writing
  • Worked with InDesign to create a publication
  • Collaborated with other editors to learn and use InDesign

With the formula:

  • Generated author feedback at line editing level for a variety of individual works of genre and subjects developing Quills & Pixels 2019 publication
  • Built layout for Quills & Pixels 2019 book, using newly acquired InDesign software skills
  • Ensured quality, cohesive publication of Quills & Pixels 2019 by collaborating with other editors

Breaking down the formula looks like this:

Accomplished X  +  Measured by Y  +  Doing Z  = Bullet Point

Accomplished (Built layout) + Measured by (Quills & Pixels 2019 book) + Doing (using newly acquired In Design software skills) = Bullet Point

Use a thesaurus to find a variety of apt power verbs to begin each bullet:

The list goes on and on…

Remember: The more relevant the power verb, the better your bullet point will be!

Published by Cynda Alexander

I am a highly successful professional and technical writer that has produced artifacts for many different industries. As a technical writer, I have produced a variety of artifacts in many different industries. The user guide I created for a scoreboard company is in gymnasiums all over the world! I've been published by higher education publications for my work and achievements in helping non-traditional students finish their education. I also have a greeting card line that will never make me rich but makes me happy to think that my words touched or tickled someone enough that they paid for them. And my name will be forever immortalized on the back of a greeting card in someone’s dresser drawer, forever! For the last ten years, I worked as a career and education coach in higher education, adult education and correctional facilities. As a professional resume writer that is very knowledgeable about incorporating powerful keywords relevant to your industry. I will review and align your work history, areas of expertise and achievements to highlight your strengths and experience. I have written resumes for a multitude of fields - from A to Z (including military to civilian) - and levels of positions - entry-level to executive resumes and CVs. My personal philosophy is to always Pay It Forward. I never deny someone a professional resume based on the ability to pay. In my spare time, I am usually in my kayak on one of the beautiful lakes we have here with my daughters and dogs. Best Regards, Cynda Alexander

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