How Does a Career Coach Help?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most workers change jobs at least several times throughout their careers. In today’s fast-paced ever-changing career market, it is essential that you are an expert in job searching and networking. You must also assemble your “Dream Team” to support you through the job searching process. One of those team members should be a certified career coach. Forbes gives 3 Reasons to Hire a Career.

What is a career coach?

Put simply a career coach is someone whose job is to help people plan their careers.

What does a career coach do?

“The goal is to support people in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that they can use—résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles—to meet those goals,” says Donna Sweidan (Forbes). Career coaching is not life coaching in which the coach helps you determine the direction in your life that is the most fulfilling. Career coaching focuses on your career and how best to support you in finding a career or a job that you want.

They won’t tell you what job to take or not take. That is up to you. However, they do maximize your profile or personal branding through social media, resumes, cover letters, and interview skills plus coach, mentor and help develop your leadership skills. They help clients see what concrete steps they can take to achieve their career objectives. Their goals to guide clients in making informed decisions about their career development and path and empower them with the tools that they can use to help them achieve their goals.

For example, 75% of resumes are never read by a human. Today, resumes are more complicated than ever given the applicant tracking systems used to screen them. If the resume is not properly formatted or contain the right keywords, it is rejected by the applicant tracking systems used by most employers. Depending on how highly your resume ranks, you could be first in line to get an interview or never be found. So, if you want to get hired, you’ll need to beat these bots, and a career coach knows how to word and format a resume, so you do just that.

How much does a career coach cost?

Depending on the degree of help you want from a career coach, expect to pay the minimum of a couple hundred dollars. That might get you resume help. However, this is not the time to be cheap. You can earn back that money many times over when the career coach’s expertise lands you the job you want.

How do I find a career coach?

There are various ways to find a career coach, such as Cynda Alexander, through business listings and social media platforms.

Cynda Alexander has an MA in Professional and Technical Writing and is a Certified Career Coach. She helps clients advance their professional position. She writes, “I am confident I can exceed your expectations. As a freelance technical writer, I’m able to offer extremely competitive rates without sacrificing quality.”

Find out more about or hire a career coach:

Cynda Alexander LinkedIn

Ask a Career Coach blog by Cynda Alexander

Cynda Alexander on Facebook

How do I know the career coach is capable?

Look for testimonials, such as,

“Your resume is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of design, consistency, and content. I’ve seen over a thousand and no joke.” Dennis Inao, Owner of NetPro Communications, NYC

“Cynda was instrumental in re-writing my resume. After receiving my new resume, I had an offer and acceptance in 14 hours with a wonderful company!” Jo Ann Keith, Chaplain, AR

“Cynda is easy to work with and ensures that it meets your standards. She also sent me some resources that can help me in the career I’m looking to get into. I highly recommend her and her services.” Zedric McBride, IT Specialist, AR

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Published by Cynda Alexander

I am a highly successful professional and technical writer that has produced artifacts for many different industries. As a technical writer, I have produced a variety of artifacts in many different industries. The user guide I created for a scoreboard company is in gymnasiums all over the world! I've been published by higher education publications for my work and achievements in helping non-traditional students finish their education. I also have a greeting card line that will never make me rich but makes me happy to think that my words touched or tickled someone enough that they paid for them. And my name will be forever immortalized on the back of a greeting card in someone’s dresser drawer, forever! For the last ten years, I worked as a career and education coach in higher education, adult education and correctional facilities. As a professional resume writer that is very knowledgeable about incorporating powerful keywords relevant to your industry. I will review and align your work history, areas of expertise and achievements to highlight your strengths and experience. I have written resumes for a multitude of fields - from A to Z (including military to civilian) - and levels of positions - entry-level to executive resumes and CVs. My personal philosophy is to always Pay It Forward. I never deny someone a professional resume based on the ability to pay. In my spare time, I am usually in my kayak on one of the beautiful lakes we have here with my daughters and dogs. Best Regards, Cynda Alexander

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