4 Steps To Find A Job

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1. Define your career goal by asking yourself these questions:

  • Moving forward, what direction do I want to take my career?
  • What are my qualifications, such as experience, education, and skills?
  • What parameters do I want or need in a job?
  • What culture do I want or need in a company?

Prioritize the answers to these questions, making note of what you might or won’t give up. Be open to options that exclude the explicit Director, President, Manager job titles. My Skills My Future shows you what is available according to your past and current job. However, it is a useful tool for discovering what else you qualify for. Drill down defining your career goal until you can summarize your objective.

2. Build your brand based on your summary objective and the education, ability, and skills. A TedTalk by Jason Shen targets, “Looking for job? Highlight Your Ability, Not Your Experience” Fill in your LinkedIn profile and hire professionals to create a resume and business cards. Now is not the time to be cheap! Career coaches and graphic and document designers know current trends and resources. Keeping track of how you connect; meet, greet, and collect business cards or contact information. Conferences, past and current jobs, volunteer work, universities, and social media are great places to connect. (Ideally, you keep this up even when you aren’t looking for the next job.) Your tag line, business card, and about page communicate your brand throughout your current and working network.

3. Track your connections on a spreadsheet or other table, including companies where you want to work, who and where your contacts are, and how you connected. Spreadsheets, such as the one below, help you keep track of your networking and job-hunting contacts.

4 Steps Spreadsheet
Sample Job Tracking Spreadsheet

Look up articles on the subject of networking and finding work.

4. Target jobs, using your network. It is not how hard you look as much as who you know that most likely gets you a job. Spread the word. Even if nothing immediately pops up, someone may remember you when a job opens. For starters, look for work through your sources:

Searching Google Jobs
Google Jobs Screen 2
Search Results on Google Jobs for Content Producer

Research companies that interest you, seeking contacts or job listings. Remember to update your spreadsheet or table to keep track of contacts and, also important, follow-ups.

Finally, don’t be discouraged if it takes time, and remember “How to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search.”

Now go find that perfect job!!

Published by Cynda Alexander

I am a highly successful professional and technical writer that has produced artifacts for many different industries. As a technical writer, I have produced a variety of artifacts in many different industries. The user guide I created for a scoreboard company is in gymnasiums all over the world! I've been published by higher education publications for my work and achievements in helping non-traditional students finish their education. I also have a greeting card line that will never make me rich but makes me happy to think that my words touched or tickled someone enough that they paid for them. And my name will be forever immortalized on the back of a greeting card in someone’s dresser drawer, forever! For the last ten years, I worked as a career and education coach in higher education, adult education and correctional facilities. As a professional resume writer that is very knowledgeable about incorporating powerful keywords relevant to your industry. I will review and align your work history, areas of expertise and achievements to highlight your strengths and experience. I have written resumes for a multitude of fields - from A to Z (including military to civilian) - and levels of positions - entry-level to executive resumes and CVs. My personal philosophy is to always Pay It Forward. I never deny someone a professional resume based on the ability to pay. In my spare time, I am usually in my kayak on one of the beautiful lakes we have here with my daughters and dogs. Best Regards, Cynda Alexander

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